5 Rebuilding Blocks for Working Through Resentment

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Resentment is the outcome of repressed or unexpressed anger. The things that hold resentment up are subconscious punishment, correction, hurt and challenge. 

Developing an understanding of resentment helps a couple to work through resentment in your relationship. 

Resentment is in line with two experiences. The first experience will be some primary belief or experiences that shapes your understanding of the course of events. 

Explore and answer these questions to accurately label your experience: 

What are your broken expectations, hurts, ‘shoulds’, powerless experiences, fears that happened for you to get to resentment?  

Resentment is in line with another experience. The second experience will be some derivative(s) of anger.

Assess and answer the question that allow you to label the anger: 

Are my feelings of anger: rage, irritation, hate, or bothered?


  1. Give Truth.
  2. Let go of punishing you or others.
  3. Set intention about where you want to be in your relationship and with your own inner peace (vision).
  4. Use self-talk to retrain your thought-action experience.
  5. Do actions no matter how it feels that align with what you intend to be for yourself and your relationship. 

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