Do You Have A Relationship Vision?

If you want to know the importance of relationship vision and how it can help you to contribute to your relationship, then this blog is for you. Hello everyone. Before anything else, let me introduce myself first. I am Thomas Isaac Castro, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from California, and my ultimate goal isContinue reading “Do You Have A Relationship Vision?”

5 Rebuilding Blocks for Working Through Resentment

Inspired by EYRG Member Questions – Join Here Resentment is the outcome of repressed or unexpressed anger. The things that hold resentment up are subconscious punishment, correction, hurt and challenge.  Developing an understanding of resentment helps a couple to work through resentment in your relationship.  Resentment is in line with two experiences. The first experienceContinue reading “5 Rebuilding Blocks for Working Through Resentment”