5 Ways to Star in your Role

If you want to know how you can improve yourself as a partner, check this list of 5 effective ways to be better in your relationship

I want to share a few important things about what makes us better as partners or spouses.

Starring in your role in your relationship helps you to elevate your relationship.

These five things will help you, as an individual, to become a better version of yourself so that you can star in you role.

5 Ways to be a Better Version of Yourself

1. Don’t hold on to things that somebody has done wrong to you

I understand that each and everyone of us has experienced being treated wrongly, maybe by other people or in our past relationships.

Learning forgiveness and letting go of the experiences and memories that keep holding us back from becoming better will benefit you and your partner.

Moving on and not dwelling on the pain caused by others will allow us to focus on the present and appreciate the good things that our partners do for us.

It is important to give ourselves the piece of mind that we deserve so we can allow ourselves to improve.

2. Understand the difference between acceptance versus agreement

I know that, as an individual, most of the time we try to prove our points with other people.

We become eager and frustrated trying to convince our partner to agree with what we are saying.

But the thing is, there are times when you might disagree, but there’s nothing wrong with accepting how things work.

Remember that just because we are right doesn’t mean our partners are wrong.

There are some instances where we’re just seeing things from a different perspective.

In a relationship, we don’t always have to be right.

We can accept without agreeing.

If we understand the difference it can help us to reduce internal strife and external battles.

3. Listen and understand your partner’s point of view

Another way that we can actually improve ourselves as partners is to listen differently.

There are times that we listen to protect ourselves and become defensive.

But if we try to listen genuinely and really try to figure out where our partners are coming from, it will help us understand our partners better.

In that way, we can have a healthy conversation and make our partner feel that their emotions are valid.

4. Don’t try to control your partner or your relationship

When problems and challenges keep coming into our lives, we usually think that “maybe if I can control other people, I will be in a better situation.”

But the truth is that it will not bring us any good if we think that way.

I know that sometimes we become frustrated and desperate because we want things to work based on what we want to, but remember that things don’t work that way.

Let me tell you this: the only thing that you can control is yourself.

I can assure you that if you concentrate on your improvement, things will improve.

Always try to think of things you can improve instead of focusing on other people’s mistakes and imperfections.

By that way, you will learn to let go of the things that are out of your control and just spend your time figuring out how to become better.

5. Focus on yourself especially your cores

The last, and definitely not the least, way to improve yourself as a partner is by focusing on yourself more.

It would be great if you already knew how to treat yourself right.

By doing that, you are also teaching other people how to treat you as well.

And to give you an idea of which cores you should focus on, here are the four things that you should remember and apply to your lifestyle.

1.)Focus on eating proactively and on time.

2.) Find your optimal amount of sleep.

3.)Spiritual connection

Regardless of your religion and personal beliefs, having a spiritual connection will be a great way to reflect on yourself.

It will allow you to have your piece of mind and you’ll figure out how to improve yourself as a person.

4.)Energy Exertion

This doesn’t literally mean that you should go to the gym.

The point is that it will be helpful for your self-improvement if you do some physical activities.

You can just have a walk outside or have bonding time with your kids.

In that way, you’ll avoid worrying about other people, and you can just focus on yourself more.


These 5 ways to star in your role as a partner will immediately improve your relationship with yourself and your partner.

If you can apply these 5 ways in your life, rest assured that you will be able to handle future challenges and problems easier.

Remember that it is important to always widen our understanding of our partner and spouse and don’t let our pride ruin the relationship.

It is also necessary to have a personal time and space for us to be able to refresh our minds and reflect about the things that we should improve.

If you want more support for you or your relationship please view our latest Free Relationship Webinar.

If you have any question or concern, feel free to comment and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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